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Jean Louis Knapper

Composer of music, soundtracks and leaders for TV, video, and motion picture,
arranger, musician, mixing, remixing.

Music is an art, mixing an adventure, creation the ultimate source.


Being of Dutch-French origins, Jean Louis Knapper started out his professional life as an acknowledged Jazz-Rock/Fusion guitar player, appearing on the Dutch scene in several bands, and collaborating with several orchestras performing in styles as varied as rock-musical to contemporary classical music.

During the 1980's and 1990's, he composed and produced soundtracks for several Dutch TV-serials, such as "Medisch Centrum West" and "Oppassen!!!", as well as for a great number of TV commercials, corporate films and videos. His soundtrack for the corporate film "Hak" received the "Stemra Music Award" 1992 (given by the Dutch copyrights association BUMA/STEMRA), for being the best composition created for an audio-visual production. Some of his work has been released on CD and Vinyl.

His studies at the Royal National Conservatory of The Hague, with Jazz guitarist Peter Nieuwerf, was rewarded in 1985 by a Jazz-Guitar performer's certificate. Additionally, this period offered an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills in arranging for Jazz (with F. Elsen), classical counterpoint, and contemporary classical music (seminar with K. Stockhausen), with as many diverse stylistic influences.

In 2000 he decides to move to France, enjoying the nature and clean air of the Auvergne, where he works on various projects.

Find his new albums "Forest Scenes" and "Green Planet" at CDBaby (on CD or in download MP3/FLAC format), or through his website at cosmosonique.com.


You can find a selection of compositions, recordings and productions on the audio page.


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